Friday, April 12, 2013

AMRL Accreditation

On April 2 I gave a presentation on AMRL Accreditation at the CalAPA Bay Area Technical Committee Meeting in San Leandro.  Special thanks to everyone that attended and participated in the discussion!

The presentation covered the steps you'll need to go through to become AMRL accredited for the upcoming Superpave specifications in addition to a breakdown of how much the whole process costs.  You can download the presentation from the CalAPA website here.  In addition, here are a few resources that may help you through the process:

AMRL Resources:
AMRL Website:
AMRL Assessment Preparation Lists:

Other Resources:
California Asphalt Pavement Association:

If you are curious about the CalAPA Technical Advisory Committee Meetings, they are free meetings held at various locations throughout the state on a regular basis (usually once every 2 months) where people from all parts of the industry as well as government agencies can get together and share technical information and network.  In my personal opinion this is one of the greatest features that CalAPA offers as it gives you an opportunity to learn about what's new in asphalt pavement as well as discuss any statewide issues that are occurring.  I'd highly recommend attending a couple meetings to see what they can do for you and your business.  You can learn more about these meetings from contacting CalAPA.  Their website is  In the meantime check out their technical committee page here where you can view various presentations and other information shared at some of these meetings.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 2013 RSP Samples Being Distributed

April's RSP samples will be shipped this week.  They will include a sample for CT 202-Coarse Aggregates.  If you do not receive your sample by the end of the week you should contact Caltrans at