Please contact the people below with any of your comments, concerns, or questions in regards to the Caltrans Superpave efforts.

Caltrans Contact:
Joe Peterson, 
Office of Roadway Materials Testing
Phone: 916-227-7303
Cellular: 916-813-3677

RPC Superpave Subtask Group Industry Contacts:
Tony Limas, 
Industry Co-Chair
Phone: 916-855-4506
Cellular: 916-712-5605

Pascal Mascarenhas, 
Industry Co-Chair
Phone: 626-633-9306
Cellular: 626-705-6611

Website and IT Contact:
Toni Carroll
Committee Participant

This portion of Quality in California website has been commissioned by the Rock Products Committee's Superpave Subtask Group.  It is intended to provide resources for both industry and Caltrans in their pursuit of high quality Superpave pilot projects and the new Superpave Section 39 specifications.

Superpave Pilot Specifications
As Caltrans starts to move towards implementing Superpave into Section 39 of the Standard Specifications, the RPC Superpave Subtask Group is constantly updating the Superpave pilot project specifications.  Below you will find the most recent versions of this specification, as it is updated, with changes proposed by Caltrans and Industry representatives.

Superpave Pilot Specification_Updated 8-09-13
Superpave Pilot Specification_Updated 7-08-13
Superpave Pilot Specification_Updated 7-01-13
Superpave Pilot Specification_Updated 6-11-13
Superpave Pilot Specification_Updated 4-01-13
Superpave Pilot Specification_Updated 3-27-13

Superpave JMF Forms

The move towards Superpave Gyratory mix designs requires a different set of Job Mix Formula (JMF) Forms.  Below are the most recent versions.

Superpave Subtask Group Information

The Rock Products Committee Superpave Subtask Group has been working for months on developing specifications for the Caltrans Superpave jobs that are agreeable to both Caltrans and Industry constituents.  Each month Caltrans and Industry representatives get together to work through an ongoing list of the issues and proposed changes.  The location of these meetings alternates between northern California and southern California.  Below is the upcoming schedule for these meetings:
May 15, 2013: Southern California
June 18, 2013: Northern California
July 25, 2013: Southern California
August 22, 2013: Northern California
September 26, 2013: Southern California
October 17, 2013: Northern California
November 14, 2013: Southern California

In between these meetings there are also industry only teleconference meetings where industry representatives will gather to discuss the issues and develop work plans for gathering data to justify their views.  Both types of meetings are open to anyone interested but it is recommended that if you are going to participate that you attend as many meetings as possible to avoid rehashing the same issues over and over.

The Subtask Group's progress is being tracked using two documents that are updated following each meeting:

Group Memory
The "Group Memory" is a record of the minutes from the Caltrans and Industry joint meetings.  Below you can find copies of each Group Memory document to date.

Industry Concerns Working List
The "Industry Concerns Working List" is a document outlining all of the industry concerns with the Superpave specification submitted to the subtask group to date.  It is updated with comments that update the progress on each issue from the joint meetings, industry only meetings, and Caltrans only meetings.  Below you can find the most recent versions of this document.
Industry Concerns Working List_Updated 7-25-13
Industry Concerns Working List_Updated 6-18-13
Industry Concerns Working List_Updated 5-15-13
Industry Concerns Working List_Updated 4-11-13

Active Data Collection Projects for Industry Concerns:
Caltrans Superpave Subtask Group Issues Forum