Thursday, September 5, 2013

Caltrans' 2010 Construction Standards Webinar

Caltrans is hosting a FREE webinar on September 19 from 10am-noon to explain the 2010 Construction Standards (the big red book).  It will give an overview of why the specifications were changed, information on the new format, and tips on how to find key passages.  This webinar will focus on the entire book, not just the materials but may be useful to you.  Below is information from Caltrans in regards to the webinar: 

Target Audience: Caltrans, contractors, and local agency construction field staff using or going to be using the Caltrans 2010 Standards.

Many contractors and resident engineers are now starting to work on contracts under the Caltrans 2010 Standards and have discovered that the specifications are not in the format they are used to.  

This Webinar on the Caltrans 2010 Construction Contract Standards, followed by questions and answers, will provide an overview of the 2010 Standards.  Topics will include:

  • Why did Caltrans create the 2010 Construction Contract Standards?
  • Brief review on the specifications style and format.
  • Review of the 2010 Standard Specifications and associated Standard Special Provisions.
  • Frequently asked questions, such as, “What happened to the Order of Work?”

The webinar will be recorded and posted for viewing by those who cannot attend but if you'd like to attend in person you can register at  

I've noticed that it sometimes gives a busy error when you go to the website so be patient and refresh a couple of times.  There are likely many people trying to register right now.

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