Friday, August 9, 2013

Caltrans Allowing Changes Up to 25% RAP

Today Caltrans posted a Construction Procedure Directive on their website that allows contractors to use up to 25% RAP for any ongoing contracts under either the 2010 OR 2006 specifications.  If you are constructing any 2006 or 2010 specified Caltrans job, you now have the ability to file a change order to use a dense mix with up to 25% RAP.  (RAP is still not allowed in Rubber or Open-Graded mixes in any portion at this time)  This change order work will be at no additional cost to the state and contract time will not be extended.  It should be noted that with a change from 15% to up to 25% RAP, there are additional testing and documentation requirements so be sure that you are aware of these additional costs before you submit a change order to this effect. The contractor will be responsible for these costs, not the state.

I would also love to tell you that there will be no credit owed to the state for this change but the documentation on Caltran's website contradicts itself.  In the "Record of Blanket Prior Approval for Major Contract Change Order", the following paragraph appears:
"There will be no credit or cost to the state as a result of this change. The credit will be based on the differences in the costs of HMA with 15 percent RAP versus HMA with up to 25 percent. Force account analysis for credits shall be filed in the project’s records. The credits will vary on a project by project basis."

At this time, since it is unclear whether Caltrans will require a credit from you due to the reduction of virgin asphalt in the mix, I recommend that you verify with your RE before making the change.

The Construction Procedure Directive can be found here and includes:

  • Sample Change Order Memorandum
  • Sample Backup Calculations
  • Sample Change Order
  • Change Order Specification for 2010 Specifications
  • Change Order Specification for 2006 Specifications
  • FHWA-Record of Blanket Prior Approval for Major Contract Change Orde

Good luck & happy recycling!

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