Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Superpave Web Page

For those of you who are interested in following the Caltrans Superpave process, we've updated Quality in California's Superpave web page to be more informative and more interactive. The Rock Products Committee's Subtask Group for Superpave asked us to create a web page that will help Caltrans and Industry share information as we move through the specification writing process. You can access this new updated page at the link on the toolbar above that says "Superpave". On this page we'll keep the most updated versions of the Superpave Pilot Specifications & Superpave JMF forms. In addition, this page will serve as the information hot spot for following what is going on in the Subtask group and we will keep the most recent documents from the Subtask group meetings including meeting information, group memory documents, and the industry concerns working list.

Most importantly, this page will allow you to view all of the information that has been shared on the most pressing industry concerns and allows you to post any of your own data, information, and opinions to help Caltrans and Industry come to an agreement on each issue. The current issues that industry is collecting information and data on are:

1. The Hamburg testing temperature being changed from 122F to 140F.
2. Whether the 120psi requirement for RHMA will be problematic.
3. Whether the minimum binder content of 7.5% DWM for RHMA will be problematic.
4. The Dust Proportion requirements for 3/8" HMA set at 0.9-2.0 being too high.
5. The VMA requirements for dense mixes being too high.
6. Whether the RAP Maximum Specific Gravity Tolerance of +/- 0.060 is necessary.

Visit the Superpave webpage when you get a chance, share your information, and let us know if you have any issues with the page!

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