Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Warm Mix Additive Approved by Caltrans

Caltrans has just announced that the product Readiset LQ by AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry LLC is now an approved technology for Caltrans warm mix jobs.  This means that on Caltrans jobs where warm mix is either an option or a requirement, contractors are able to use this product without a lengthy approval process through Caltrans.  I spoke about this approval process here.  Unlike AkzoNobel's Rediset WMX additive, which was approved by Caltrans in March 2011, the Readiset LQ product is a liquid chemical additive and can be metered into the asphalt line at the plant with an injection system, much like a liquid anti strip additive would be.   AkzoNobel also boasts that the Readiset LQ product will eliminate the need for additional anti strip additives to be added to the mix in order to meet moisture resistance requirements.

Still no approval on water injection warm mix technologies but maybe someday in the future.

*Special thanks to Russell Snyder of California Asphalt Paving Association for this insiders tip.


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