Friday, December 16, 2011

Changes to Section 37: Bituminous Seals

Section 37: Bituminous Seals has been greatly revamped and expanded in Caltrans' 2010 Standard Specifications.  All of the previously existing information seems to have remained the same (albeit in different format) but the biggest change of which is the addition of specifications for Polymer Modified Asphaltic Emulsion Seal Coat.  Much of this addition does not affect aggregate suppliers but one thing to notice is that the aggregate screenings are a different gradation and cleanliness value for the Polymer Modified Emulsion Seal Coat than the standard Asphaltic Emulsion Seal Coat.

If you're in the seal coating business I greatly recommend reading over the new version of Section 37.  The Caltrans 2010 standard specifications can be found in pdf form at and are now for sale in book form on the Caltrans website here.

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