Friday, July 1, 2011

Call For Photos!

It's that time of year again!  The time for loud booms from the sky and the smell of bratwursts wafting through the air.  The fourth of July is finally upon us and what is more American than the sweat and hard work that our construction workers all over the country pour into the biggest asset that our country possesses.  Our Roads! 

In honor of the red, white, and blue I'd like to challenge you to take a picture of a road this weekend and submit it to us with a description of where it is and if there was a story behind it.  Come on, you're going to spend hours in the car this weekend on the way to the grand parents' house so why not take some really amazing photos for all of us here at Quality In California!  Take a picture of a good looking pave job, or a rutting road that looks like you could swim in the puddles, or even just of that dirt road you travel down to get to the family ranch.  Take the time to think about the amazing engineering that has taken place under our tires over the last century and how it has influenced our lives for the better.  Our country's infrastructure is our greatest asset and if you submit a photo you'll be helping to recognize the hard work of our melting pot's citizens!

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