Sunday, May 8, 2011

Low Sand Equivalent Solution 1

Are you having issues with low Sand Equivalents?  One way to combat a high #200s count is by adding larger rock to the product.  The Sand Equivalent test is a comparison of the volume of silty clays to the volume of sand in your sample.  Since larger rock takes up a larger volume of space than finer rock, i.e. silty clays, it goes to say that by increasing the percentage of larger rock, you will improve your sand equivalent.  The larger the rock the faster this will improve your Sand Equivalent so if you have the room in your specification range, adding #8 sized rock to your product will improve your sand equivalent the most but adding #16s, #30s, and #50s will all help as well.  Just remember that the sand equivalent test is performed on the material smaller than the #4 sieve, so adding rock any larger than the #4 sieve will not help your sand equivalent. 

What other solutions have you found to a low sand equivalent?

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