Friday, April 29, 2011


Up until now I've resisted the twitter trend, thinking that it was stalkerish, boring, or just plain dumb.  Today I finally started an account and I have to say that I think there is some major potential for it being a useful tool for me as well as all of you.  As I was adding accounts to follow I realized that this isn't just a way for celebrities to tell us what type of hamburger they are eating for lunch today but also a way for people to broadcast breaking news and new products as well as being an immediate source for help if you had a question.  Imagine you're having a problem with the oil contents at your hot plant always being high... why not tweet about it?  If you have the type of followers that I'm hoping to collect from this website you might get a response from someone asking if you've tried running a moisture test.  Plus all of the Caltrans districts have twitter accounts and you can elect to follow them as well as a variety of other construction and paving groups. 

Really the opportunities are endless and I would completely recommend that you sign up and follow me at QualityinCali so we can build a community of resources for each other.

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